Prayer for Salvation

So basically, the facts are: God created the earth and all the heavens and the beasts and fishes, and then made Mankind. Adam and Eve walked with God in the garden He created for them. They were created to honour and worship God, and Him only. They put their trust in the serpent (commonly agreed that this was the devil, satan) and turned from God to their own desires. They were kicked out of the garden and a curse (from disobeying God) followed them the rest of their lives and the lives of their descendants.

This is when sin entered the earth. It was inherent, and therefore carried from generation to generation in the bloodline. So, sin was now in our blood. God cannot look upon sin. He needed a plan to save mankind from their sin and ultimate death cut off from God for eternity. As time went by man sinned even more and became evil, worshipping their own man-made gods. God searched and searched and finally found a man, Abraham, to be the father of God’s new nation. Abraham was a very righteous man. Through this nation, God prepared a time for His Son to be born into this world (leaving the comfort of His heavenly home) to die and shed His blood on our behalf to purge that sin that was in us. All the sickness, disease, depression, poverty, hardship, loss and grief and anything else you can think of that was a result of the original sin, was taken care of on that day that Jesus gave His life for us, a ransom for many.

You see, it had to be Jesus, no other man could have done it, because it required a man without sin. Why? Because that was the only way to trick the devil into thinking that he had won, when Jesus died and went to hell. But hell cannot hold a sinless man or woman, and He rose victorious, having taken the keys to sin and death away from the devil so that we can now declare that sin cannot hold us down anymore because Jesus defeated sin at Calvary and by His Resurrection!

So now we choose to accept what Jesus did for us, recognise Him as our Saviour, repent of our sin, because, after all, He paid a huge price to save us from that sin, and in fact has forgiven us already, and we therefore forgive others who sin against us, and invite Jesus to come and live once again in our hearts and lead us on this journey of life, until such time as God has for each of us to join Him in eternity.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life. John 3:16

Father God, I come to you today, and I want to say that I believe in you and I want to experience your eternal love for me, a sinner. I repent for my sinful ways of the past ( name them if you need to ) and I now accept the sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus, and what He did for me at Calvary. I believe He died for me and most importantly, that He rose again from the dead. I believe You, God, are the One, True, God, and I commit to follow You, and You only, from this day onward. I receive Your Son Jesus, into my heart this very moment, and I thankyou Jesus for walking with me from now on and for the rest of my life.

Once you have made the commitment to follow Christ it is a good idea to contact a friend or a family member who is a Christian and let them know that this is what you have done, or perhaps you would like them to lead you in the prayer of Salvation. Either way, it is important that you make contact with someone who can then point you in the direction of a good Church to attend. This is very important for your growth in Christ. A good Church family looks after its people in all areas, from babes to the elderly. It teaches God’s Word, Baptism in the Holy Spirit, and how to Evangelise. It teaches Fellowship and Generosity. It teaches Healing and Prosperity. By that I mean that you will learn how to believe for health in your body and how to pray for others to be healed and also healthy finances. And God will begin to show you His purpose for your life, and believe me, it’s NEVER too late, and you are never too old. If you do not have a contact who is a Christian, contact your local Shire Offices for a list of local Churches and pluck up the courage to go one Sunday (even ask a friend to go with you) God Bless You. You have made a courageous decision, and God will continue to keep your heart strong (Psalm 27:14) May He lead you in the right direction to the Church Home He has ~ just for you!   Our church is at present live streaming each Sunday at 10am at  Why not join us!