Calendar 2021

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The Lord’s Prayer ~ 2021 Inspirational Calendar ~ this year professionally printed, with white binding ~ $20.00 each + P&H

This year, I have opted to have my calendar professionally printed and bound. It has been a lot of work doing it all myself, and even though I have enjoyed myself hugely, as I get older it is way too much for me.

The reason I persevere at doing this each year is that I love the Word of God. It is real, it is truth, and it heals and saves. I was told recently by one of my sisters that she leaves for work each day with the current months prayer on her lips. And that is exactly why I do it!

The Lord’s Prayer is used the world over regardless of denomination. It is often prayed as is, but is so much more. It is basically a blueprint for prayer.

I hope you will enjoy and grab onto the power of prayer as you move through each month of 2021. Now, more than ever, we need Jesus in our daily lives. We need to know how to pray effectively in all situations. He is the way and the truth and the life, and only through Him will our prayers have power to change lives, health, needs, worries, anxiety and fear.

Let me encourage you to speak these prayers out loud, and make them your own, and by the end of each month, who knows, maybe you will have a prayer in your heart to call upon anywhere, anytime it’s needed. I thank God for His help in my life, and pray you will find this so as well. Have a wonderful 2021, full of God’s many blessings, All my love,


P.S. Available from 1 September 2020.